Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development is the process of requirement analysis, structure of data flow, designing, developing, deploying and maintaining software for a specific area or industry users.

Custom Software, on the other hand, is designed for a particular business needs, such as:

  • 1. Product manufacturing program design for manufacture or
  • 2. An online banking app designed for the particular requirements of the bank and its customers.

A custom project would move through the familiar steps of requirements gathering, code construction, testing and deployment and apply the same methodologies, like Agile, DevOps or Rapid Application Development, as any other software project.

We give time to understand your vision, help define your product or development, and then design, build, and tested it. We are clear and conversational throughout our business development software process.

Visione provides high quality, cost-effective, and reliable software development services that match your business's specific needs, budget, and timeframe also. With customization to full-cycle software development that matches your vision, Orient Software has the experience to deliver.

Why is custom software development important?

Custom software development is important because it helps meet unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining and modifying commercial software.

Some of the benefits include:

Competency: Custom software is purpose-built to support processes swiftly and productively, without the need to tinker with or adjust Commercial-off-the-shelf applications.

Scalability: Custom software can grow as an organization or business grows and changes. Designers and developers can assess future needs as part of their requirements gathering. These factors can then be incorporated into the application, rather than incurring costs by purchasing additional licenses or subscriptions of packaged applications.

Minimum Integration Costs: One of the chief considerations of commercial software is: will it work with existing and legacy applications? If the answer is no, organizations face a further investment in getting commercial software to communicate and operate with their existing infrastructure. Custom software can be built to integrate with its intended environment.

Profitability: It’s possible to make money with custom software development. Depending on the terms and conditions of the project, businesses that develop their own software may own the software and therefore be able to license or sell it to other organizations.

Self-Governing: The benefits of being free of a commercial software vendor cut both ways. On the plus side, organizations can avoid price hikes for licensing and support — and getting stuck maintaining packaged software should the vendor go out of business or terminate a product. On the negative side, the cost of supporting and maintaining custom software falls to the organization that created it or had it developed. How the equation works out requires each organization to look carefully at whether it’s better to build or buy.

Custom Software Services

  • Web Application Development

  • Software Product Development

  • Application Migration & Re-engineering

  • Application Maintenance

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • Client - Server Application Development

  • On-Premise and Cloud Application Development

  • Mobile Apps Development

  • Custom Web Application Development

  • Custom Mobile App Development

  • User Experience and Design

  • Custom Database Development

  • Big Data

  • Software Consulting