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Website development as per our client's needs and deliver quality results on a timely basis.

Open Source Solutions

We work on open-source projects and open source languages to develop, support, and maintenance service.

API Service Development

SOAP, REST, ASMX and more types of services to integration and interaction of data with high security and high performance


Search engine optimization and App store optimization, which make you first on the client searching approach.

Digital Marketing

Digital publicity in customers present social media like Facebook, twitter, google, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram and etc..

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Visione InfoTech is providing IT solutions to its client through business process consulting, software development and business process outsourcing services.

Confirm, hold, memo, manage customers and demand with the online diamond trading web application.

Online diamond trading web application, with online confirm, memo, hold, manage customer and demand types of trading features.

Online diamond trading platform for Hong Kong diamond market with Chinese, English language.

Origin guaranteed, socially and environmentally conscious, lab-grown diamond trading market place.

Anjo Diam is an international company with distribution operation of Diamond in Hong Kong, India and Belgium.

Rare Jewels app is work on a crafting House of World's most rare diamonds.

Sunrays app is work on a crafting House of World's most rare diamonds.

Niv Gems app import rough diamonds, processes, and exports polished diamonds.

Smiling Rocks app will donate 1% of the purchase.

Anjo Diam is to provide a big and huge platform to the diamond industries for selling and buying your diamonds and rough to the global market.

Trading System with buy/sell, trade manually & automatically in the Diamond Trading Software.

Koha library software is open-sourcefor library system, our team maintains support, services, data migration, training & certificate.

Our clients

Rare Jewels
SunRays Diamonds
Smiling Rocks
Hare Krishna
RD Export HK Limited
Janani Groups
Malishka Groups
Muni Dimon
etexofab | Textile Market