Society's Software

Society Management Software manages maintenance charges, repairs fund, reserve fund, sinking fund, working capital.Manual bookkeeping can be strenuous and prone to errors and also maintain multiple registers or ledgers.

At the end of each financial year calculating and compiling the balance sheet, are hectic and most often have flaws. Consequently, to need repeated revisions and correcting.

These all problems solve with the help of Society Management Software.

Features of Society management Software
  • GST Compliant Society Billing & Accounting
  • Security Management
  • Automate Maintenance Billing
  • Send SMS notices due to reminder
  • Get visibility into Helpdesk
  • Track Asset maintenance
  • Generate revenue using the portal
  • Managing Committee
  • Maintenance Bills
  • Manage Meetings
  • Manage Society Investments
  • Participate in Online Forums
  • Share common vender details
  • Book common facilities online
  • Pay Society Dues using credit/debit cards
  • Lodge complaint